Hello :) 

I’m Tina, a singer/songwriter living in Germany and missing my family back in Canada. I write songs in my living room to process my thoughts on life and all the growing pains, insecurities, love, pain and joy that comes with it. Thank you for joining me on the journey, I pour my heart and soul into this music and I hope you can find meaning in it too. 

I always had a secret dream to be a singer when I was in high school, but at the time, saying that out loud seemed too silly. I’d write a song once in a while and upload covers to YouTube but never pursued the idea, and left for university to study classical piano. After a few years I decided it was not for me, gave up on music all together and moved to Germany with no real plan. 

While working as a waitress in 2019 I bought a keyboard and slowly found my way back to singing and making music, writing songs as therapy (although I probably should have just gone to therapy) and uploading covers again — my secret dream was back. Thanks to my expiring work-holiday visa, I was forced to make a concrete decision about what I wanted to do with my life, so after my boyfriend’s persuasion I applied for a work permit as a freelance musician. I started applying for piano teacher positions and wondering how I could possibly get my music polished and out into the world. 

In March 2020 I had a closing shift at the cafe with a new coworker, Connor, which turned out to be our first and last shift together (we all know what happened in 2020), and which also turned out to be a critical point in this story. We met a few weeks later to record scratch tracks and start producing my music (where I was treated as a complete professional although I had absolutely no idea what I was doing). In the last couple years since then I have discovered so much about the music I want to make and who I am as an artist. I started producing and honed my singing style (and began “finding my sound,” if you will), and I am so excited to see where this takes me and how the story continues. 

THANK YOU for your support and for turning my long-secret dream into a reality 🖤

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